Diesel engine energy saving method

Reasons for the high energy consumption of diesel engines and their energy-saving methods: 1. Increasing the temperature of the diesel engine cooling water The temperature of the diesel engine is generally lower than 45°C, which makes the diesel fuel incompletely combustible. The oil has a large viscosity and increases the operating resistance. Therefore, it consumes much oil and is therefore required. Increase the temperature of the diesel cooling water. 2. More than half of the failures of oil purification before using the diesel engine come from the oil supply system. The solution is: buy back the diesel 2-4 days after settling and then use, you can precipitate 98% of the impurities; if you are buying now, you can put two layers of silk or toilet paper in the fuel tank filter screen. 3, change the "big horse-drawn car" practice wells commonly used on the "big machine with a small pump." It is actually a waste. Improvement measures: appropriately increase the number of diesel engine pulleys, increase the speed of the pump in the case of diesel engine running at a reduced speed, increase the flow rate and lift, and achieve the purpose of energy saving. 4. Adjust the injection pressure of the injector. The injection pressure of the 195 diesel injector is 120+5 kg/cm2. When the injection pressure is less than 100 kg/cm2, the fuel consumption increases by 10-20 g/kWh, and the pressure on the injection pump can be directly checked and adjusted by the comparison method. 5, to protect the best fuel supply before the horn to the most commonly used 195-type diesel engine as an example, the best angle of the fuel supply advance angle of 16 degrees -20 degrees. When the diesel engine is used for a period of time, due to wear and tear, the fuel supply advance angle will be reduced, resulting in too late oil supply and fuel consumption. Therefore, the oil supply angle should be ensured at the best angle. 6, to ensure that the machine does not leak oil diesel engine oil pipe often due to uneven joints, gasket deformation or damage and there is a hole phenomenon. The solution is: The gasket is coated with valve paint on the glass plate to flatten it, and the tubing connector can be calibrated. With the addition of a diesel recovery device, a plastic tube can be used to connect the oil return pipe on the nozzle with the air-core screw, so that the return oil flows into the tank.

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