Rape boron precautions

The common mistakes of applying boron in rapeseeds are obvious effects of increasing boron production by rapeseed, but farmers often have some mistakes in the application process:
1. Apply boron fertilizer only in basal fertilizer and ignore topdressing boron fertilizer. 2. Use flower spray fertilizer instead of full fertilizer. 3. It is considered that boron has no effect at the seedling stage.
4. The amount of boron is insufficient. 5. Use only low-level (effective content below 5%), low-priced boron fertilizer.
Therefore, the symptoms of boron deficiency often appear to varying degrees in various stages of the rape growth process.
Boron Notes on Boron Application In order to correctly and better apply the rapeseed boron fertilizer, attention should be paid to three points:
1. Comprehensively raise awareness of boron needed for rapeseed:
(1) After applying boron fertilizer in rapeseed, boron can combine with the polysaccharide component of cell wall to improve the stability of cell wall, promote the synthesis of ribonucleic acid and pollen tube germination, as well as the rapid growth of meristem and prevent rape from flowering.
(2) Promote the conversion of carbohydrates in rape, accelerate the synthesis of sucrose and hydrolysis of starch.
Can enhance the control of cell wall moisture, enhance rape resistance to cold and disease resistance.
(4) The quality of rapeseed can be improved, and the oil content can be increased by more than 6 percent.
2. Multiple methods and flexible application of boron fertilizer. Rape must be applied throughout the boron:
(1) Before applying the basal fertilizer, the holding force of boron per acre is 02~05 kg or 1 kg of borax.
Using transplanting seedlings, 2 to 3 days before planting, spray 01 to 02% of borax solution 50 kg per acre seedbed, or dip root with 02% borax when planting.
(3) During the wintering period after planting, spray 02% Sorborone solution, 60 kg per mu.
(4) Spraying 02% Sonic Boron solution 60-70 kg per mu during the bud stage.
(5) The initial flowering period is about 80 kg per mu for spraying Sonic boron solution.
Pay attention to the quality of boron fertilizer and pay attention to the application method. Promote the use of high levels of boron fertilizer. When used as a basal fertilizer, it is best to mix with a bio-organic compound fertilizer or a farmyard fertilizer or mix it with an inorganic compound fertilizer. When top dressing, pay attention to the following three points:
(1) Fully dissolved. (2) Control usage. (3) Do not spray or spray.

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