High-yield, high-quality, disease-resistant new corn variety - Luyang 99118

This variety is the newly-selected maize hybrid of Shandong Seed Corporation and has applied for the protection of new plant variety rights, application number 4.. Characteristics: The plant type is compact, the leaves above the ear position are flushed, the plants are delicate, and the leaves are dark green. The summer sowing period in the Huang-Huai-Hai area is about 102 days. The plant height is about 247 cm and the ear is about 109 cm. Spike length is about 20 centimeters, the number of ear rows is 14-16 lines, the tuber type of the ear, the white axis, the semi-rigid grain type of yellow, the appearance quality is good, the seeding rate is 87.8%, and the grain weight is 372.3 g. Resistance and quality: The variety has good comprehensive resistance, high resistance to stem rot, smut, dwarf mosaic disease, resistance to leaf spot disease, Curvularia leaf spot, resistance to corn borer, lodging resistance. According to the analysis of the Grain Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center (Beijing) of the Ministry of Agriculture, the crude protein content was 10.2%, the crude fat content was 4.57%, the crude starch content was 71.13%, the lysine content was 0.29%, and the bulk density was 769 g/L. Production performance: The variety yielded 664.1 kilograms per mu in the new combination product test in 2000, which was 12.5% ​​and 8.7% higher than the control varieties Ludan 50 and Nongda 108, respectively. In 2001, the proportion of new products per mu produced was 727.2 kg per mu, which was 36.7% higher than the control variety Ludan 50. In the new variety display test in 2002, the yield was 549.5 kg per mu, which was 11.0% higher than the control Nongda 108. In the new variety display test in 2003, the yield per mu was 692.3 kg, which was 9.1% higher than the control Ludan 981 and 20.8% higher than that of the Nongda 108. In 2004, the new variety display test yielded 608.3 kg per mu, which was 13.7% higher than the control Nongda 108. In the 2001 regional trial (pretest) in Shandong province, the yield was 649.4 kilograms, which was 10.5% higher than the control Ludan 50. From 2002 to 2003, they participated in the regional trials in Shandong Province. The average yield per year was 683.2 kg per mu, which was 11.1% and 6.7% higher than the control Ludan 50 and Nongda 108 respectively. In 2004, it participated in the maize production test in Shandong Province, with an average yield of 608.9 kg per mu, which was 7.5% higher than that of the control agricultural Nongda 108. Shandong Crop Variety Approval Committee has been recommended for approval. Cultivation points: It is suitable for spring sowing in the Huang-Huai-Hai and other suitable areas, interplanting, or live broadcasting in summer. The planting density is 3,800-4,500 plants per acre, fine seeding, and seedlings should pay attention to appropriate seedlings and strong seedlings to prevent underground pests. Pre-growth pay attention to control of fertilizer, water and fertilizer management in the later period. Unit: Shandong Provincial Seed Corporation Address: 123 Huayuan Road, Jinan City Contact: Liang Fengchen Kong Fantao Tel: 0531-2359041, 2559042 2661, 2010 Website: Http://WWW.seedshandong.com (Shandong Seed Industry Information Network) Zip code: 250100

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