A small recipe for increasing the milk production of dairy cows

1 Add orange peel powder. Orange peel, also known as dried tangerine peel, has the effect of qi and stomach, dampness and phlegm. Adding 5% orange peel powder to the feed can increase the feed intake of dairy cows, and daily milk production can increase about 1.5kg. 2 Add sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds are rich in protein and oils. Adding 15% to 20% of sunflower seeds in feed can increase milk production by more than 15%. 3 feeding sweet sorghum. Each cow fed sweet sorghum can milk about 1kg more than corn.

Foot Warmer is also named as Heating Boot, as it looks like a boot in the shape.

It has a fashionable design, hence it is also a good choice as a promotional gift.

In the cold winter, foot warmer is a best choice for keeping warm. When the feet are warm, the entire human body warms up quickly.

It also has a controller with adjustable heat settings, as well as the auto shut off function.

Below image as a reference:

foot warmer

Foot Warmer

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